Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Every Time You Go Shopping

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While going shopping, or in this time (during pandemic) online shopping, we usually order the “wrong” kind of clothing. For example, it turns out you don’t like the style, or it doesn’t fit with anything in your closet. Like I usually grab hats, and sweaters from my mom’s closet to match my shirts. But trust me, we’ve all experienced that. Well to avoid that kind of mistake, here are some questions you need to ask yourself every time you go shopping.

Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Every Time You Go Shopping

1. Is this something I truly love?

For example, you see two dresses, one is $20 while the other one is $70, and you can afford both of them, but at the time you want to save money. You love the expensive dress more but ended up buying the cheaper one. And it turns out you barely wear it. This is why you need to buy something you truly love and know you would wear it on a daily basis. If you buy the $20 dress, but didn’t wear it often, it’s basically wasting money. Sure, the one you love is more expensive, but it’s not wasting money since you really love it and you wear it on a daily basis.

2. What can I match this with in my current wardrobe?

Usually, after buying a t-shirt or a dress, you buy accessories along with them to match your outfit. But it turns out you forgot to buy them, or you’re trying to save money and it also turns out you don’t have anything that matches your outfit in your wardrobe. If you don’t want to buy matching accessories or clothing, you should ask yourself, “Do I have matching pants for this?” When buying a t-shirt perhaps. Or maybe matching heels or purses for a burgundy dress. You do you!

burgundy dress

3. How many times will I wear this?

This one is similar to the “Is this something I truly love?” If you know you won’t wear it on a daily basis or often, don’t buy it, PERIODT. Because it’s the same thing as wasting money, so yea, this one is pretty simple.

This is one of my favourite hoodies, I wore it over and over again until my mom got bored and bought me a new one, but I still use this one anyways, it’s my top favourite hoody.

Comfortable Outfit

4. Is this the right time to buy this?

If you’re about to buy a dress you like, but it turns out, they will have a Spring Sale, but you really want the dress right away, do you buy it or wait? I recommend you wait. You might get a 50% off! Or for example, you want to buy this dress, but you see that it’s ripped a little. But it’s the only one left. But after you asked the employee they said that it’ll be restocked next month. Do you wait? Of course! I know you might doubt that it’ll restock but it’s worth a try. Just like my mom, she always waited at least one night before she made a decision. And she end up with waiting until the store have a sale. LOL.

5. Is this comfortable?

This is a pretty common mistake. And I’ll get this straight: Don’t buy clothing that you think isn’t comfortable. For example, you don’t like dresses with too many ruffles and you like the blue round neck contrast dress, but thought that it’s not fancy enough. Fancy or not, you should buy clothings that you think are comfortable. Trust me, it’s worth it.

blue round neck contrast dress

Talking about comfortable dresses, this dress is look comfortable, and it’s also my style! I just saw this with my mom at

So what’s your favourite dress style? Drop your comment! 😀



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