Best YouTubers to Watch During Pandemic Covid-19

During this time of pandemic, a lot of people are usually bored. Even watching YouTube can get boring sometimes. Because everyday it’s just them over and over again.

So here are some YouTubers I recommend.

Best Youtube Channels to watch during pandemic

1. merrelltwins

The Merrell Twins consist of Veronica and Vanessa. By the name, they’re obviously twins. They upload family-friendly and funny content. They also make series, my favorite series by them is Prom Knight. But they upload a video every Tuesday, which means you can’t watch them everyday. But overtime their videos gets boring to be honest, that’s why I prefer their old videos, but you can still watch them.

2. SSSniperWolf

Unlike the Merrell twins, SSSniperWolf uploads everyday. She makes reacting videos which are very entertaining. If you don’t like rewatching videos, then this is the perfect YouTuber for you. The reason I like her videos is because they’re very entertaining and it can easily cure my boredom. And I just watched one of her videos recently too.

3. Flamingo

Albert/Flamingo is a Roblox YouTuber. His content is really funny and super duper entertaining. He’s one of my favorites. Though, you can say he’s really weird and annoying, and also loud. But if you’re okay with that, then you can watch him. The reason I like his content is because he makes them really funny and somewhat entertaining. Then again, if you’re not okay with loud people then don’t watch him. He’s still my favorite though. He doesn’t stick with one game in Roblox, he plays a different game every time, and like other Roblox YouTubers, he uploads every day.

4. Leah Ashe

Leah Ashe is also a Roblox YouTuber. But unlike Albert, she mostly plays Adopt Me, Royale High, and sometimes Bloxburg. And she’s not the type that screams every 20 seconds. She does roleplays, challenges, and other stuff.  The reason I really enjoy watching her videos is because her roleplays are very entertaining and I love them. And she also uploads everyday, so if you think you won’t like Albert, Leah might be your next choice. She’s also the host of The 7th Annual Bloxy Award.


5. Denis

Denis is also a Roblox YouTuber. He’s basically similar to Albert, playing a different game every video, but he’s not weird, annoying, or loud. (I still prefer Albert though). So if you want a YouTuber like Albert, just without the loud, annoying, and weird part then you can watch Denis. He also won The 7th Annual Bloxy Award on the Best Video Content Creator.

6. Kittisaurus

Kittisaurus is a cat channel. They upload everyday, and their videos consist of challenges, experiments or other things for their cat. If you’re a cat lover then I think you might know this channel, but if you don’t you should watch them. Since I myself have a cat, I usually do some of their challenges too. And if you and your cat have nothing to do, then watch this channel and maybe you’ll have some inspiration.

These are the YouTuber I recommend the most. Of course there are other good YouTubers out there, but these are my favorites. Okay, please give me your opinion about those channels/videos, wdyt.

Anyways, speaking of YouTubers, I also have my own YouTube channel called Astronowt so you can also watch my vids, likes and subscribe 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Best YouTubers to Watch During Pandemic Covid-19

  1. Katniss juga nonton Flaminggo. Nontonnya sama-sama di TV. Terus dia maksain aku juga ikut bereaksi, hahahaha. Padahal aku bosan nonton orang main roblox, hahaha

  2. soooo many to watch yaaa mba hee.. I don’t really spend too much time in YT but I enjoy it. Mampir juga dong ke YT channel aku mbaaa ..look for indah nuria saviri yaaa 🙂

    • Zizy Dmk

      Hai Mbak Indahhh….. ini kebetulan postingan Vay, so those YT channels are her recommendation. Tapi aku juga suka nontonnya, si Kittisaurus.
      Ku udah subscribe Mbaak…. visis & subscribe juga yaa…. Zizy Damanik…. 🙂

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  4. Dulu… iya dulu banget, saya sering nonton video di Youtube buat cari inspirasi, nonton video travelling, masak sampai tutorial. Tapi, sajak banyak video Prank Prank, jadi malas deh. Apalagi, seringnya yang jadi trending video yang bisa dibilang ngga mutu.

    Tapi, lihat list youtuber ini, jadi pengen nonton lagi…..

    • Zizy

      Setuju banget. Video2 prank ini merusak ekspektasi dan kemampuan empati kita nanti. Plus skrg video gak mutu malah diviralkan. Lelahhh..
      Eniwei ini tulisan anak saya, Mbak. Memang sesuai generasinya yaa, nonton YT. Kittisaurus itu lucu deh, menghibur :).

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