The Most Popular YouTuber 2020

Since I’ve talked about YouTubers lately in this blog, here’s another one. My cat Neko was next to me while writing it and this took long enough because of the distraction my cat was making, especially after Oreo (another cat from the streets) came so sorry this took a while xD.

People are usually curious of who is the most popular YouTubers of them all. So I made one for those people also known as you. As you can see I’ve written more often in this blog. Anyways, here you go :D.

Top 10 Most Popular YouTubers based on their subscribers

The Most Popular YouTuber 2020

1. Pewdiepie

If you don’t know Pewdiepie then you’re probably living under a rock. Last year, pewdiepie and another “YouTuber” called t-series, had a “competition” on who can get the most subscribers.  Pewdiepie has over 100M subscribers at the moment. His channel contains reaction videos, gaming, and many more. I watch him a lot and I recommend you watch his channel.

2. Kids Diana Show

With over 56M subscribers at the moment, Kids Diana Show became one of the most subscribed kid channels. The channel consists of her (Diana) lifestyle of her playing with her friends and family.

3. Dude Perfect

You might also have heard of them. Dude Perfect consists of 6 dudes (xD) Cory and Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones and Tyler Toney. They make trick shots videos. They have 51M subscribers at the moment. I used to watch them a lot, so I recommend you watch them too.

4. HolaSoyGerman

Now, you might now know this one cause’ I don’t. Well me it’s because they’re not an american YouTuber. HolaSoyGerman has over 41M subscribers at the moment. He is a Chilean YouTuber, comedian, and a songwriter. And as you may know, I don’t know him and never watched his videos but I did some research and I think they’re pretty good.

5. Whindersson Nunes

Whindersson Nunes is a comedian from Brazil. He has over 39M subscribers at the moment. His channel includes film reviews, parodies, and vlogs. I’ve never watched this guy, but since he has 3B views in total you should probably watch him.

6. MrBeast

Now we’re getting familiar again. You probably know who MrBeast is. He has over 37M subscribers at the moment. He does stuff like challenges and daily vlogs. I usually watch him, so you should too. His channel is pretty addicting. But in a good way xD. So i recommend you check out his channel 😀

7. Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson has over 23M subscribers at the moment. He does daily vlogs and many other stuff. I truly recommend you to watch his videos and subscribe to his channel. I don’t have anything to say except that I recommend his channel 😀

8. Ryan’s World

Ryan’s World also known as Ryan’s Toys Review has over 22M subscribers, making them also one of the most subscribed kids channels. Their channel consists of Toy reviews and other stuff. I never watch his channel for obvious reasons so that’s all I know.

9. Logan Paul

You probably know who Logan Paul is. If you don’t, yes you do. He is a vlogger with over 21M subscribers at the moment. I used to watch him but over time he got very problematic to the point where he almost or did get into prison. I don’t know and I don’t care. So I don’t know if I recommend you to subscribe to his channel but you can if you want.

10. SSSniperWolf

If you read my other article “Best YouTubers to Watch During Pandemic Covid-19” I put her in my recommendations. She has over 20M subscribers at the moment. She made mostly reaction videos, sometimes gaming videos or challenges or maybe life hacks. Read my other article I mentioned previously for more info :D.

So that’s the most popular youtubers I got based on subscribers and their content. I got some reference from Influencer Matchmaker. So I got some information about them from there but I also did some observations on my own obviously.

And, finally  bonus (Not related to the popular thing) is Astronowt aka me 😀 so subscribe to my channel. if u want.


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